What is Fan Japan Shop?



FAN JAPAN SHOP is a store which provides Japanese products and services.
FAN JAPAN SHOP has Two Sections. One is “Product Section” which sells Japanese Brand Products and the other is “Cafe Section” which provides Japanese food, Desert and Tea Ceremony.

All of the products we sell at Product Section were imported from Japan.
Please enjoy our Safe and High quality products like Foods, Cosmetics, accessories and crafted products which is made by Japanese craftsman.

In Cafe Section, You can see the huge Tin foil wall made in Malaysian Tin and that is only one in the world.
Eating sophisticated Japanese foods and desserts at sophisticated place will feel you Japan with all of your senses (Feeling, Smiling, Touching, Tasting and Listening).


From our Store Owner


Takahiro Gokita

Owner, CEO

“To be a linking bridge between Malaysia and Japan.”

I opened this shop because I want to be a linking bridge between Malaysia and Japan with wonderful Japanese products and services.
I want you to know more about Japan with this store.
So, we provide not only Japanese products and services but also
Japanese landscape and travel spot movies with large screen at our shop.
And, I can understand more about Malaysia by interact people at the shop.
When I understand about Malaysian and feed back information to Japan,
use that information to make better new products and service for Malaysian people.
I think the more we make deeper mutual understanding, the more we can make a good relationship.